American classics at home: how to make a reuben sandwich

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There is often nothing better than a delicious sandwich. You can eat it right away, or you can take it with you to work or to a picnic with friends. Today we will prepare a Reuben sandwich – an american classic made with corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese with a delicate sauce on rye bread. You’ll find it in any deli in New York, and there are many variations on this iconic dish. And as with many iconic dishes, there is still some debate as to who exactly was the creator of the Reuben sandwich. But let’s leave all of that to historians – we’re here to make this wonderful dish, not theoreticize about its origin.

At first glance, the combination of sauerkraut, meat, gherkins, horseradish and mayonnaise with ketchup in one sandwich might seem a little odd. But trust me, as soon as you take your first bite, you will be surprised how harmoniously the ingredients come together. Although the classic version of the sandwich is made using beef, I still chose to use pork. The meat must be baked and chopped beforehand, but do not let it cool completely. I also recommend taking the cabbage out of the fridge beforehand so that all the ingredients in the sandwich are heated evenly. Because if you take cool meat and cold cabbage, a situation may arise when the outside of the bread is already crispy, but the filling is still cold. Also, when flipping the sandwich, you need to be as careful as possible, because due to a sufficiently large amount of filling, it can fall apart.



For the sandwich:

For the dressing:

American classics at home: how to make a reuben sandwich: Directions

Step 1

Prepare all the ingredients you’ll need to make this mouth-watering Reuben sandwich. The pork needs to be baked beforehand. I baked it for 40 minutes at 180C. To make this sandwich, you’ll need about 300 g baked meat.

Reuben-sandwich 1
Reuben-sandwich 1
Step 2

To make the dressing, finely chop 2 gherkins and place them in a bowl. Add about 150 g homemade mayonnaise and 1 tbsp Worcester sauce. Then whisk in the ketchup, the brine and about 1 tsp white horseradish. It will add a little kick to the sauce. Mix everything thoroughly. If you think its consistency is too thick, add a little more brine.

Reuben-sandwich 2
Reuben-sandwich 2
Step 3

One slice of bread with butter. This is the side we’ll be toasting.

Reuben-sandwich 3
Reuben-sandwich 3
Step 4

Spread a little dressing on the other side of the same slice of bread. Repeat the process with the second slice. Place some sauerkraut on top of the sauce.

Reuben-sandwich 4
Reuben-sandwich 4
Step 5

Cut the baked pork into slices and layer it on top of the sauerkraut. Top with the cheese.

Reuben-sandwich 5
Reuben-sandwich 5
Step 6

Assemble the sandwich halves.

Reuben-sandwich 6
Reuben-sandwich 6
Step 7

Grill the sandwich in a well-heated grill pan until nice streaks appear on both sides. Repeat the same with the second sandwich.

Reuben-sandwich 7
Reuben-sandwich 7
Cooking is easy!

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