Salad with pear, bacon and dorblu cheese

  • Cook Time
    15 min
  • Serving
  • Difficulty

Are you ready for the mouthwatering autumn salad? Behold, salad with pear, bacon and dorblu cheese. Easy to make, easy to enjoy and easy to fall in love with.

How to prepare Salad with pear, bacon and dorblu cheese


Salad with pear, bacon and dorblu cheese: Directions

Step 1

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees. Wash the pear and cut it into small pieces. Wrap each slice in a thinly sliced piece of bacon.

Step 2

Place wrapped pieces of pear in an oven for 10 minutes. Remove it from the grill and let it cool. Tear a slice of bread with your hands and dry pieces on a hot frying pan without any oil.

Step 3

Place arugula leaves in a salad bowl, add pear with bacon, diced dorblu cheese, and croutons. Sprinkle with olive oil, add salt and pepper to the taste.

Cooking is easy!

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