Simple and delicious breakfast: how to make cheese dumplings with honey-cream sauce

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It’s no secret that I love discovering new Ukrainian recipes and sharing them with you. It inspires me incredibly! Today it will be just like that – I’ll teach you how to make sweet cheese dumplings. The recipe is similar to so-called lazy dumplings, which are a classic dish most Ukrainians know from childhood. But we will make these cheese dumplings using two types of flour, and we will also add a creamy sweet sauce.

I once made a poll to find out what Ukrainians like to eat for breakfast. And cottage cheese-based dishes were the obvious winners. These are cheesecakes, cheese casserole, and classic lazy dumplings. The other popular breakfast options were breakfast dishes made with buckwheat. So, now you can add these cheese dumplings to your favorite dishes for breakfast, and they’re even made with buckwheat flour. It gives the dish a very pleasant buckwheat aroma. The taste is elevated with a buttery honey sauce. Divinely delicious!

Cheese dumplings are very easy to cook, so you can involve children in the process and spend time together in the kitchen. It’s great family fun.

The trick to making perfect cheese dumpling

To make cheese dumplings perfectly tasty, I will give you a few tips. First, it is better not to use low-fat cottage cheese. This will affect the structure of the dough and the taste.If you want tender dumplings, it is better to choose a cheese that has a fat content of more than 5%, otherwise the dumplings may turn out too dry. I used a cottage cheese with a fat content of 9%. I did not strain the cottage cheese through a sieve, but you can do it, then the cheese dumplings will be without lumps.

Secondly, it is better to throw the formed dumplings into boiling water with a small amount of salt, and then at once it is very easy to spend a shovel on a bottom that they did not stick. It is also not necessary to cook them for too long, or they’ll overcook.

How to make cheese dumplings


For the sauce:

Simple and delicious breakfast: how to make cheese dumplings with honey-cream sauce: Directions

Step 1

Prepare all the ingredients you’ll need to make the cheese dumplings with honey-cream sauce. If you want a softer texture, run the cottage cheese through a sieve.

Cheese dumplings_1
Cheese dumplings_1
Step 2

In a large bowl, combine the cottage cheese, the eggs, buckwheat flour and wheat flour, sugar and a pinch of salt. You can use sour milk cheese of different fat content, but I do not recommend choosing cheese with a fat content of less than 5%. Knead the mixture into a homogeneous dough.

Cheese dumplings_2
Cheese dumplings_2
Step 3

Dust your work surface or board with wheat flour and form two "sausages" from the dough. Cut each of them into pieces about 2 cm thick.

Cheese dumplings_3
Cheese dumplings_3
Step 4

In a large saucepan, bring the water to a boil with a pinch of salt and toss in the dumplings. When they float to the surface, cook them for about 2 more minutes, but no more than that. Remove with a skimmer and place in a bowl.

Cheese dumplings_4
Cheese dumplings_4
Step 5

Make the butter-honey sauce. Melt 50 g of butter in a pan, then add 2 tbsp honey. Stir and heat everything together for a few more minutes on low heat. Pour the resulting sauce over the finished cheese dumplings.

Cheese dumplings_5
Cheese dumplings_5
Cooking is easy!

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