Rustic oven-roasted potatoes recipe

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Did you know that potatoes were a great gift from the American continent to the whole world? We can confidently say that potatoes saved medieval Europe from hunger. It is interesting that some not very advanced european peoples at first were even afraid of these vegetables, considering them poisonous and calling them “the devil’s apple”. Isn’t history fascinating? Well, now almost everyone has come to love potatoes.

Potatoes are wonderfully versatile. Because of this, potato-based dishes can now be found in almost every cuisine in the world. What’s the first potato-based dish that popped up in your mind? Trust me, potato pancakes, oven-baked potatoes with mushrooms, French fries or mashed potatoes are just a drop in the sea of ​​delicious potato dishes found around the world. There is also a potato salad, which is incredibly popular in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic and America, French dauphinois gratin and vichyssoise soup, and English shepherd’s pie. You can list potato dishes for hours. What are only our own kartoplyaniki and tovchanka worth. And just think about young potatoes boiled with dill and butter, or young oven-baked potatoes! They are a summer staple for good reason.

Before our imaginations go completely wild, let’s go ahead and make something very simple and incredibly popular – rustic oven-roasted potatoes. I wanted to make them without frying. Rustic potatoes are adored for their even golden brown crust, and for the delicate taste inside. You can serve them on their own or along with your favorite dipping sauces.

It is also important to remember which potatoes are suitable for roasting. I recommend taking starchy potatoes. They will keep their shape perfectly and won’t fall apart or turn into mush during baking. That’s exactly what we need here.



Rustic oven-roasted potatoes recipe: Directions

Step 1

Thoroughly wash the potatoes, but do not peel them. Boil whole until half cooked; this will take about 15-20 minutes. Then remove the potatoes from the pot and pat dry with paper towels. Preheat the oven to 210C.

Rustic-oven-roasted-potatoes 1
Rustic-oven-roasted-potatoes 1
Step 2

Cut each potato into 4 pieces. Pour 2-3 tbsp sunflower oil into a baking dish and arrange the potato pieces in one layer.

Rustic-oven-roasted-potatoes 2
Rustic-oven-roasted-potatoes 2
Step 3

Add 4-5 cloves garlic to the potatoes. You don’t have to peel them – simply crush them with the flat side of a knife. Season everything with salt and freshly ground pepper.

Rustic-oven-roasted-potatoes 3
Rustic-oven-roasted-potatoes 3
Step 4

Arrange a few sprigs of fresh thyme on top of the potatoes. If you’re out of fresh thyme, feel free to use dried thyme – it will work just as well. Bake at 210C using the grill setting or convection until golden. It should take about 10-15 minutes.

Rustic-oven-roasted-potatoes 4
Rustic-oven-roasted-potatoes 4
Cooking is easy!

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