No chicken & tomatoes: how to make an authentic caesar salad

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Caesar salad is perhaps one of the best off-season dishes that you can order in a restaurant in winter and take with you to a picnic in summer. There are a lot of variations of this salad: you can make it with a chicken fillet, some salmon, crab meat, or tender roasted veal.

By the way, this salad was named after the chef who ran a restaurant on the American border with Mexico. You will be surprised, but a mix of ingredients that can be harmoniously combined with each other is simply the result of a chef’s ability to prepare a dish from what was in the fridge. According to legend, the classic recipe combined lettuce, croutons, cheese and a spicy dressing. Sometimes experiments are successful. Now this salad is known all over the world.

4 tips for cooking caesar salad:

  1. Caesar salad can be cooked when you’re at a picnic or camping out in the wild, the trick is to make a dressing in advance. The chicken fillet and croutons can be grilled anywhere.
  2. Caesar croutons can be cooked in a pan or in the oven. For example, I always have garlic olive oil in my kitchen: it’s just olive oil, to which I added 4 cloves of garlic and left it to infuse. It can be poured over the croutons before they are sent to the oven.
  3. The original Caesar recipe uses Worcester sauce, but it can be replaced with balsamic vinegar or even apple cider vinegar.
  4. For Caesar salad, it is best to take romaine lettuce, as it has strong meaty leaves, and its nutty taste is very harmonious in this dish. However, you can experiment using, for example, iceberg lettuce – in this case, the salad will taste more delicate. You can even add some arugula. And here’s a tip: if your lettuce leaves have been in the refrigerator for a couple of days, you can soak them in water for a couple of hours so that they become firm and crisp again.


For the salad:

For the dressing:

No chicken & tomatoes: how to make an authentic caesar salad: Directions

Step 1

Prepare all the ingredients for making Caesar salad. Start by making the dressing. Chop the anchovies very finely, if you have salted anchovies, you can reduce their number to 5.

authentic caesar salad
authentic caesar salad
Step 2

Squeeze out 2 garlic cloves with a press and add to the anchovies. Add the mustard and Worcestershire sauce. Add the egg yolk (discard the white or save it for another dish).

authentic caesar salad
authentic caesar salad
Step 3

Whisking constantly, slowly drizzle in the olive oil.

authentic caesar salad
authentic caesar salad
Step 4

Wash the lettuce leaves, pat dry them with a paper towel and tear them coarsely into a large bowl. Pour the dressing over them. Stir or toss the leaves to spread the sauce evenly.

authentic caesar salad
authentic caesar salad
Step 5

Add the grated parmesan. I like it when the parmesan is very finely grated, so for the Caesar salad I buy ready-made grated parmesan at the supermarket.

authentic caesar salad
authentic caesar salad
Step 6

Cut the baguette into pieces and dry them in a dry skillet or oven until brown. You also cut it into cubes or use the method as I described above – drizzle with garlic olive oil and place in the oven.

authentic caesar salad
authentic caesar salad
Cooking is easy!

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