Grilled Squid

  • Cook Time
    10 min
  • Serving
  • Difficulty

Is there a chance that grilled squid can become your last summer dish? Well, I can see no “against”, because this dish is memorable and very tasty. Besides, you can cook it in less than 15 minutes.

How to prepare Grilled Squid


Grilled Squid: Directions

Step 1

Defrost the squid, clean it, cover with boiling water, and then place it in ice water. Remove the thin skin. Heat a grill pan or a regular frying pan with a little olive oil and a quarter of a lemon. Fry squid for 4-5 minutes from both sides.

Кальмар на гриле
Кальмар на гриле
Step 2

When serving, pour squids with lemon juice, add salt and pepper to taste. I also recommend eating squids with tartar or mushroom sauce.

Кальмар на гриле
Кальмар на гриле
Cooking is easy!

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