Beef stew in beer with vegetables

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    2 hours 15 mins
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The other recipe with beer I’m very proud of is beef stew in beer with vegetables. If you thought that beer is only the drink for Friday nights, this recipe will make you rethink what you thought earlier.

In this dish beer perks up every ingredient including meat and vegetables. It gives some hints of sweetness and bitterness. It saturates flavour but doesn’t give it this dizzy and bitter aroma that many people don’t like.

Besides, this beef stew in beer is safe for children, because alcohol evaporates during the process. But if you still have concerns over beer in the dish you should keep in mind that the amount of alcohol in this drink depends on the amount of sugar in the plant from which the drink is made. Or you can just buy the bottle with the least amount of alcohol and use it for cooking.

How to prepare Beef stew in beer with vegetables


Beef stew in beer with vegetables: Directions

Step 1

Cut beef into large pieces. I chose the round part for cooking because it is perfect for stewing or baking.

Нарежьте мясо
Нарежьте мясо
Step 2

Peel onions, carrots and celery root. Cut vegetables: onions into thin feathers, celery, carrots and bell peppers into large strips. Chop half of the middle chili pepper into thin rings. Heat in a bowl or pan with a thick bottom 2 tbsp. oil and lay out all the vegetables. Add a pinch of salt and pepper, fry over medium heat until vegetables are soft. I spent about 5-7 minutes on it.

Выложите овощи
Выложите овощи
Step 3

When the vegetables are softer, add sliced beef to the bowl. Cook everything together for a few more minutes.

Добавьте мясо
Добавьте мясо
Step 4

Add 1.5 tbsp. tomato paste. It will give the dish a light tomato acidity and balance the taste.

Добавьте томатную пасту
Добавьте томатную пасту
Step 5

Pour beer into a bowl. Pour the ingredients so that the beer covers them a little. Stir gently to distribute the tomato paste and beer. Add salt and pepper to taste. Stew on low heat under the lid.

Влейте пиво
Влейте пиво
Cooking is easy!

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